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An essay is an artistic and journalistic genre, which finds wide application in the modern world, press, and literature. Instead of facts, the original thinking comes to the fore. Now you don’t need to browse the internet looking for a topic and a news opportunity. Here, the reason is also present. However, it is rather just thought, some topic that you found and decided to discuss.

Here you show your intelligence and emotions. This is a way to show your syllable because you’re not limited to a specific style of the paper. You can use the phrases and all colors of the language. There are no boundaries!

This is a great way to show your intelligence and erudition. It is one of the top blog formats. If you look at the blogs and websites, you can see that they usually consist of articles and essays.

A trend towards communication with emoticons, which is popular among young people, frightens and alarms the older generation. Why? A student may find it difficult to clearly formulate and express thought and convey their own position on a particular occasion. To correct the situation and develop the communication skills, a special form of written statement appeared in high school practice. It is called an essay.

Paper Writers is here and ready to help you with all types of works for any type of deegree!

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Essay Writers is here and ready to help you with all types of works for any type of deegree!

Essay Writing Service

Get your Essay Starting at just C$18.52 a page. You won’t be charged yet
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What Does An Essay Writer Pay Attention To?

This form is practiced in universities and used for a bidding process upon admission. The issues of writing a custom essay are particularly relevant for those who have chosen the humanitarian professions. 

An essay is a small composition that discloses the paper writer’s opinion on the relevant social, spiritual, or moral problems. The composition of such an academic work is free, and the statement is not intended to be a final and comprehensive solution to one or another issue. Essay as a specific form of narration needs a number of features, one of which is a small volume. An essay is a small form of a presentation, which doesn’t have a clear limitation on the number of pages or printed words. 

Generally, such a statement must be clear and reasoned and disclose the topic. There is one clearly formulated problem. The essay doesn’t imply the consideration of global problems that require serious and comprehensive research. Usually, the topic is a problem that currently concerns the public or personal/philosophical issues. 

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The essay should cover only one idea or thought. It should also be considered that one idea can contain several important issues. And it is possible that while defending a paper, you’ll have to answer additional questions on the topic. Thus, it is necessary to write my essay in such a way that during reading, the listener may answer all the questions he/she may have. It greatly facilitates the process of defending custom essays.

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Online Essay Writer is here and ready to help you with all types of works for any type of deegree!

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Get your Essay Starting at just C$18.52 a page. You won’t be charged yet
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The essay is structured in such a way that the introduction comes first. It sets the goal of the study and selects the research method. The listener must understand the essay expert’s writing technique already after reading or listening to the introduction.

The main part of the work contains some discourse, where you give answers to the questions posed. One paragraph of the paper must contain one thought and one answer to the question. Another characteristic feature of custom essays is the fact that it can’t have right or wrong answers to questions. It contains the author’s argument.

The conclusion needs a general final thought based on the results of reasoning. It must be summarizing and brief. It includes only a main semantic part. You shouldn’t overload the text with reflections. All additional sources and materials must be drawn up separately from work. It can be made as an attachment.

What Types Of Essays Are Used By Essay Writers?

The essay is one of the genres of the written works, which reminds a familiar “composition-reasoning”. When you ask- write my custom essay, the task is usually to bring forward his/her opinion and argue, and in other cases – research some questions to give the readers space for their own conclusions.

This leaves a certain imprint on the style of narration. It is often written in the first person singular. The text makes extensive use of connective words, emotional vocabulary, and metaphors.

There are many different types of essays– various sources highlight from several to ten (or more) of them. Today we will talk about the basic types of essays.

Definition Essay

Definition Essay – it describes a specific object. It can be absolutely anything – from plants to feature films. When describing the basic properties and differences of an object, it is necessary to express the position and emotions. In such work, there is no space for criticism, conflict, and analysis. It can be presented in the form of a process description.

Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay – action throughout the text, conflict, and the presence of plot, climax, and denouement are the basics of this type. It can be presented in the form of an event story or a concise biography.

Process Essay

Process Essay – in this case, the main goal is to draw a picture for the reader using words. Generally, the situations, people, or objects are described, giving simple descriptions of a deeper meaning. Usually, such texts affect the readers’ emotions and try to lead them to some conclusions based on what they read.

Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay – as the name implies, the main task of this type of paper is to persuade the reader of something using facts, logic, and description of situations related to the topic. The writer needs to use expert opinions, practical examples, etc. in such texts.

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay – here, not emotions and sensations, but rationality takes the first place are. Take the statement and prove it with facts.

Critical Essay

Critical essay- the composition analyzed with an emphasized subjectivity towards the topic.

Expository Essay

The expository essay is an informative narration. In this written work, one carefully studies the idea, evaluates the evidence, sets out the idea, gives a strong argument about this idea. In these structures, it is necessary to use a concise form of narration within the framework of the high-quality essay structure.


Analytical Essay

An analytical essay is a paper where analytics comes first. Texts of such type usually include an analysis of a particular topic, which is performed using facts, statistical data, links to different researches and reports. That is, here, the facts are more important than emotions in the descriptive essays. Therefore, even in case of a first-person statement, the author must avoid expressing his/her opinion or emotions.


Cause & Effect Essay

Cause & Effect Essay- this type has a “cause and effect” nature. The whole paper can be built according to the cause to effect scheme. Here, the facts are lined up in a coherent and logical chain and analyzed.

Compare & Contrast Essay

Compare & Contrast Essay unpacks the concept in comparison with another one. You should find similarities and differences, as well as the advantages of one concept over the other and draw parallels.

Descriptive Essay

Descriptive is one of the simplest types of essays. The author has a number of tools at his/her disposal to explain the topic to the reader.

Report Essay

Report Essay- the text of the material written has rather reporting than the research function. Therefore, the main purpose of the report is to deliver information to the listeners. Planning the future, use just a few reasoned sources or lectures on discipline. The report allows you not only to study something new but also to consolidate the material.

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Online Essay Writer is here and ready to help you with all types of works for any type of deegree!

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